Damaged or faulty goods reported within 48hrs of delivery will be assessed and the problem corrected wether by direct replacement or return and fix. We often ask for a picture of the damage to be sent to us - this is so we can assess the cause of the damage and decide whether to collect and repair or replace with a new item. 

Whilst we appreciate sometimes products are ordered incorrectly or are no longer required, the products we sell are mostly made-to-order and also require a large amount of physical handling to return to stock and updating of computer systems to reflect new stock levels and additional transport costs. This makes it a costly process when you return an item and hence we charge a restocking fee which is set by the manufacturers and is usually of the order of 50% of the original cost plus the additional cost of collecting an item by courier which will depend on the size and weight of the goods in question. 

Often it works out more expensive to return a single item on an order than the amount of refund due - unfortunately this is beyond our control as a Buying Group as we have to work to the Terms and COnditions of the manufacturers of the goods supplied. We suggest checking sizes, colours and materials carefully before commiting to an order. Often we can send a sample of fabric or laminate for free or an entire table or chair on a sale-or-return basis to help you decide if an item is correct before you place your full order. 

Please note, special 'one-off' made-to-order products cannot be returned unless agreed by the Church Buying Group. 

Items we supply direct from other manufacturers and suppliers such as Gopak, Mogo and Charles Farris require notification within 14 days for return as per their own terms and conditions of sale.

The Church Buying Group do not charge anything for our administration costs in handling your return, we merely pass on the charges the manufacturers set. 

Please note, before any goods can be returned to us, you need to contact us to make arrangements. Returns made without the necessary authorisation from the Church Buying Group will not be dealt with or refunded. 

If you still require assistance with your order return please don't hesitate to call us.